Our Mission Statement

Our goal at the Sylvan Learning Center in Darien, CT is to help students of all ages realize their full potential as students. We help students identify their learning strengths and weaknesses, and we provide them with a personalized tutorial program tailored to their learning needs. We help students develop fundamental skills, as well as essential study strategies and a positive attitude towards learning.

Families Believe In Sylvan

“…You and your staff worked hard to identify the academic issues which need to be addressed.  Additionally, you were committed to providing the support that they needed to overcome some of those issues.  But what was equally helpful was the great advice that you provided to me throughout this time.  You were helpful in discussing issues with teachers and on advising me about how and where to obtain the best academic opportunity for them.  You have been extremely valuable to my boys and to me throughout this time.”

Karen K. Phillips
New Canaan, CT

“My husband and I want to let you know that we couldn’t have survived the past yeart without Sylvan Learning Center.  Richard came to you in October with much less than third grade skills.  After your testing and many months of instruction Richard is now on a third grade level and making steady progress.  I had no doubt in October when I dialed Sylvan that Richard would be where he is today.”

Dr. and Mrs. Richard D’Amico
Stamford, CT

“Thank you for all of the education you have given me.  I was a B- student but now I am an A student. Thank you.  I must give you all the credit for my work.  I have enjoyed the time we have spent together.”

Madeline Sachs, Fifth Grade
Greenwich, CT

“Josh and I want to thank you and everyone at Sylvan for all your help.  Your upbeat atmosphere and “can do” attitude have proven a painless antidote to Josh’s math woes.  He has and continues to show steady growth that has carried over at school.  Josh and his teacher are both delighted.”

Judith Kelman
Stamford, CT

“We have moved several times in the last few years.  Sylvan helped to fill the gaps in Jimmy’s learning and helped build his self-esteem.  He has done so much better in school and now has great confidence that he can do well.”

Gail Mustard
Weston, CT

“…You have been very helpful in educating our family in what to look for and what we should expect from Mary and the school system.  You took the time to know her and how she approaches new learning situations, and then worked within those parameters.  You gave us insight into what the teachers were trying to accomplish and together we worked as a team to allow Mary to achieve her greatest possible success.”

Elizabeth Howe
Darien, CT

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